Thursday, May 23, 2024

Musings: 5/22/2024

 it feels like forever since I wrote a musing on here

it used to be one of my favorite things to do 

I probably have at least 8 other musings over the years that say this very same thing.. 


but anyway,

2024 has been good to me so far

I had a palm reading in tokyo back in october that predicted as such

and I am excited to witness how it continues to play out

I'm learning so much

about life, about myself

what drives me

what I like

what I don't like

what I do it for

I'm discovering that there is a true splendor to life

I have taken a step forward into newness with less concern for what is behind me

it is freeing

it is light

it is scary at times

but there are strides being made here that are far further than any before

because I always had one foot trying to make them

and the other trying to remain the same.

( SIDE NOTE: super excited for the long weekend. _____ here I come! ) 


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