Monday, March 31, 2014

life is too short
I just want to be happy
travel the world
and surround myself with good people
who hold me down the way I hold them down.
Stop pursuing happiness and create your own.

Revel in it.
No one owes you anything. And in turn you owe nothing to anyone. If someone chooses to do right by you they won't do it because they feel like they owe it to you, they'll simply do it because they want to. Noted.


20 days until my birthday!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Feel like opening up tonight.

Stopped By the Market, Picked Up A Few Things

Stopped by the market today and picked up a few things to restock my hair care arsenal. 
My hairdresser recommended I try a hair treatment of raw honey and apple cider vinegar. So that's all I'll be doing on this rainy Sunday. 

My mood today would be best described as introspective. I've been allowing certain situations that are out of my control get to me… even though I know better. I'm allowed to. I am human. I'm starting to wonder if I'm drawn to broken souls… and if so, what that says about me. But I'm rambling, today marks a new moon, a new week and new direction. 

Happy Sunday!

l to r:
Trader Joe's Oragnic Raw Honey
Trader Joe's Organic Virgin Coconut oil
Trader Joe's Lavender Triple Milled Soap

( SIDE NOTE: Maybe I'm selfish.. )

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Time to step it up. Been coasting for too long..

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Dreamer x Common feat. Maya Angelou

For the World.

Links We Love

 Spring Cleaning Feng Shui tips

Zipper Street Art x Jun Kitagawa

Japanese street artist Jun Kitagawa uses giant zippers in his street art as a metaphor to suggest that there is more than what initially meets the eye, and that we should look beyond the surface and explore what's around us. Thanks for the reminder!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

the wind down...

We the TRIBE x Spr 2014

New to We the TRIBE!

Classic Hooded Sweatshirts/ Crops

Coming April 2014

SIDE NOTE: I have to get my bangs re-cut so I can let go of my hair in pictures. :/ )

Take Me Away

take me away
to where palm trees
provide shade,
where sun rays radiate
a Midas' touch on my skin
reflection on my outer
of my glow from within,
wanderlust stricken
with no other cure
I feel like I'm stuck in this cocoon
of a room
drowning in familiarity
I need to break free soon.
feeling my last gasp of
 tedious monotony
ho hum hurrahs,
commonplace consistencies
will never be enough
to cure
this bore
that has taken over me,
I need to feel liberated
experience things I've never seen.
to strive to survive
outside of the box of desolate despondency,
these average expectations I will never see
because they will never be
shari renee

Certainly x Badu

I love surprises.
I think there should be more of them in life... good ones. An unexpected rush of happiness.. of adrenaline. To break up the monotony of the day to day... 

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

...and I read the whole thing.

One Mic: Hip Hop Culture Worldwide

March 25- April 14
I will, however, make my way out for One Mic: Hip Hop Culture Worldwide presents:
Thai's Orchid Kitchen
2314 Pennsylvania Ave, SE DC
HR-57 Center for the Preservation of Jazz Blues, NE DC
Both events are free to the public and take place on Sunday March 30th.

( SIDE NOTE: Are your wants making you fall short of attaining your needs? )

Split This Rock Poetry Festival

I've never heard of this event, but it looks pretty cool.
 $120 for a four-day pass/ $50 per day
A little steep for my budget right now, (I'll stick with $5 open mics at Busboys and Poets) but I'll be sure to scour YouTube for what I'm sure will be great footage from this next week. ;)

Monday, March 24, 2014

Best thing I've heard this week, so far; 
 Don't make money to spend. Make money to save. 

Such a simple concept. I have some changes to make.. habits to break.

Musings x 3/24/14

Trust yourself to deliver before you expect others to.

Let that sink in

If you can't trust yourself to be a good friend, you can't expect others to trust you be a good friend.
If you don't trust yourself to be faithful, you can't expect others to trust you to be faithful.
If you can't trust yourself to deliver your best work, you can't expect others to trust your work.
If you can't trust yourself to be responsible, you can't expect others to trust you to be responsible.
If you don't trust yourself to be honest, you can't expect others to trust you to be honest. 

It all starts with holding ourselves accountable and being honest with self first. 

Chicken Marsala Made Simple

What you'll need:
Thinly sliced Chicken Breast
Sliced Crimini (brown) Mushrooms
Fresh Parsley (chopped)
3/4 Cup Marsala Cooking Wine
1/3 Cup Flour
1/3 Cup Water
Olive Oil
Set oven to 350 degrees.
Lightly coat chicken breast in flour.
Coat baking pan with just enough olive oil to cover the surface.
Add mushrooms, butter and parsley in skillet and brown. Set aside.
Bake chicken on middle rack for 20 minutes, flipping midway through.
Add 1/3 cup flour, 1/3 cup water and 3/4 cup Marsala cooking wine. (more or less depending on how strong you want the sauce to be)
Bring mixture to a boil on med-low heat. Stir until thickened.
Pour mixture over chicken and bake for another 5 minutes.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Open Your Eyes x John Legend

One of my favorite songs on John Legend's latest album 'Love in the Future' is "Open your eyes," a cover of the 1980's hit by Bobby Caldwell. I love this version.. it just feels so good to me. The Caldwell classic was also sampled in Common's "The Light." I posted the original below. Good music!

Friday, March 21, 2014

finding forever?

I love scouring for unique accents that have a well traveled feel. I found these awesome handcrafted bowls at my favorite home décor store for a steal at $10 each! The bold colors and African- inspired pattern made them hard to pass up. The pictures don't do them justice. Score!

Summer Love x Georgia Ann Muldrow


( SIDE NOTE: Ever since starting my expense tracking log I've been making a lot smarter decisions in my spending. There's something about seeing your every move.. every dollar.. every dime(!) written out on paper that will snap you out of making impulse purchases... and quick! lol )

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Roses Are Red x International Day of Happiness

I grew up with a father who always had fresh flowers waiting for me when I would visit. I didn't know just how lucky I was then, (I didn't realize that this wasn't the "norm," because for me, growing up, it was) but I was blessed with such an amazing, doting man that set my standards high in regard to how I'd look at a man and how I'd allow myself to be treated.
 Since, flowers have had a very special meaning to me. They take me back to those days as a little girl and the sense of joy when I'd open my bedroom door and see a beautiful bouquet staring back at me; a feeling of being thought of and valued, and most of all knowing that my happiness mattered to someone other than myself.
I chose to capture this picture at my local grocery
and share my brief story in honor of International Day of Happiness!
What makes you happy? 
( SIDE NOTE: Beyond your wildest dreams... I'm trying to go there. )

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Musings x 3/18/2014

riding horses on the beach in Jamaica was one of the top ten most memorable moments in my life
I'm very big on self-help, self-discovery and typing things into google.
craving, day trips to museums and art galleries
… and my love is patient and kind and shit
we forget how vast the world is and allow our immediate surroundings to control our happiness far too often.
I enjoy deeper connections
sapiosexual stimulation
first time hot air balloon rides
one can only operate on the same level for so long.. elevate
be kinder to self.
currently studying and implementing feng shui principles
people who believe in a lack, lose
believe in abundance, doors open up to you

( SIDE NOTE: I think I'd like to go on a cherry blossom dinner cruise this year. Below: Last year's blooms, captured in my front yard. )

Monday, March 17, 2014

Unfinished Poem #1

passion overflowing
spilling out onto the floor
forming puddles

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Late Pass x Blood Orange

Currently playing catch up.
Please excuse my lateness.

The World is Yours x SXSW

Never forget.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

You've got to be able to identify the difference between 
and lose-lose. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Lust List: Giuseppe Giuseppe


What Kind of Love x Gambino

I fell in love just now..

with a song

special thanks to Tiff for hipping me

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Merry Go Round

same sights
same sounds
same fights
different rounds
merry go
merry go round

shari renee

Self Awareness Practice: Drafting Your Personal Mission Statement

  The "Habits of Highly Effective People" course had many life changing lessons and tips on how to change your thinking to produce a better and more effective life for yourself. I find myself revisiting my handbook often to keep myself motivated and on the right course. A take away that I hadn't yet shared with you all is "Drafting Your Personal Mission Statement." An exercise from Habit 2, the concept of 'Beginning With the End in Mind', or envisioning outcomes before action. 

A Personal Mission Statement is meant to:
Clarify what's important to you
Provide focus
Help design your life instead of having it designed for you
Guide your day to day decisions
Give you a greater sense of meaning and purpose

Below is the result of writing for five minutes without stopping; the Personal Mission Statement that I came up with back in October while enrolled in the course:

"I want to be remembered. A hero even if it's a personal one. I want people to be happy when they think of me. To be motivated. To smile. To feel like they can reach their goals/ dreams because of the life I lead. I want to paint write fall in love travel have a beautiful family. I want to feel free completely and know that I did it right. I did it my way. Life is beautiful and I want to go to bed every night feeling that way rich vibrant colors living in a different country eat foods full of culture that tell a story. Boats planes mountains animals trees trains oceans sunsets discover create beauty inspire write a book share my thoughts with the world and even if they only reach one person I want them to reach that person. Find the most passionate of all loves and renew it everyday."

It's a very eye-opening thing to be asked how you want to be remembered. Once you decide what you want your legacy to be it will have a strong impact on how you begin to live your day to day life. You will begin to live with that "end result" in mind.

Pick up the book here:

( SIDE NOTE: Personal Mission Statements can and will change as you grow through life. I plan to continue to add to mine until it perfectly reflects who I am/ want to be. )
"Each of us makes his own weather, determines the color of the skies in the emotional universe which he inhabits."

-Fulton J. Sheen

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

life's greatest gift
and curse 
we're always chasing
never in control of when it's right..

Balmain Jeans x Cudi

took a few listens

"give me your hand
put it here
this is where you start.."

( SIDE NOTE: I feel so good about life right now. When you let go and allow life to unfold without trying to control every little aspect… you begin to realize that things will happen as they should. Trust, Faith and Hard Work will get you far. )

Spring Cleaning

Made a big drop-off to the Salvation Army today. 
Always feels good to give back.
sometimes God wants YOU to make the decision
and if He see's you're not doing it He will
place situations and things in your life to almost make you walk away
sometimes He'll make people leave you because He knows you don't have the strength to walk away
and He doesn't want you to waste anymore of your time.

You x Me Interactive Art Display Beijing, China

You x Me Interactive art display
Zhang Zhaohui
Beijing, China

...And repeat

My vision board is the first and last thing I see in the morning/ at night.

It's important to have a constant reminder of what you want and where you want to be in life. 

Visualize. Affirm. Fruition.


Monday, March 10, 2014

Musings x 3/10/2014

I applaud a conscious effort and the willpower it takes
we're not broken, we're building
anticipating, sunset picnics
all your fears are lies
so many hats to be worn before I leave this earth
when was the last time you felt totally vulnerable?
soul ties are a thing ya'll.. a real thing
my energy is undeniable
all of a sudden I have this weird feeling that my room needs a small potted cactus plant
lariat obsessed
I found my muse within myself
..sans inhibitions

( SIDE NOTE: This is my 777th post! Crazy. )

Recap: The Freedom Party 90's Jam

The Freedom Party 90's Jam @ The Howard Theatre

Prince said it best, "tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999..." and party we did!
The party lasted well into the night, with attendees not thinking twice about the hour of sleep lost. There were guest appearances by Britney Spears, Kris Kross and Missy Elliot.... 's dopplegangers; and a cash prize for best nineties outfit. The turn out was greater than expected. A mix up of party goers from all walks of life came together under one roof to celebrate the epicness that was the nineties era. It felt good to take it back and get a dose of what it would actually be like to be of club age in that era. The music was good, the clothes were baggy and the vibe was ill. I overheard talks that The Freedom Party may become a monthly "thing" here in DC, as it is in New York and Chicago. I'd definitely be all over that.
This was my only pic from the night; a selfie en route to the party. Unfortunately, it barely shows my nineties outfit attempt: baby tee, plaid pants, cowrie shell choker and this jean jacket tied around my waist. The spice girl platforms and brown lipstick brought the fun.

This Love Isn't Convenient

This love isn't convenient.
I'm not going to love you because it's my birthday
when there's a holiday around the corner
or because you're pulling away.

This love is not selfish
or immature.
I'm not going to fill you with false hope when I know that this door is too heavy to hold open any longer.
And I'm not going to love you to prove anything to anyone.
This love is not for show.

This love is consistent
and unwavering.
And will be here through good times and bad.
I'll love you through the random texts and calls from my ex
because I know that if I wanted to be there
I wouldn't be here.
With you.
This love does not wane in the presence of my past.

This love is not opportunistic or shallow.
This love is honest.
Tried and
This love is Me.
This love
.. Is Love.

And it's all for you.

shari renee

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday x The Brunch Date

I didn't get much sleep this weekend. But it was well worth it. 

Brunch earlier @ Southern Hospitality w/ Rae

( SIDE NOTE: Relevant - Revisit Circle of Influence vs. Circle of Concern )

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Happy International Women's Day!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Freedom Party NYC x DC

The Freedom Party NYC is in it's 11th year running, and to celebrate they're bringing the party to DC!
enter promo code free90 and get $10 off

this could be fun

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now."

INSPIRE x Home Decor

My home will be a quirky, eclectic mash up of sophisticated fun(k).
I woke up this morning to a barrage of posts about today being the first day of Lent (March 5th- April 17th). Already?! After so much thought and preparation went into last years trying (albeit, successful) sacrifice, it's a wonder that I let today slip my mind. I spent my drive in to work scrambling to find something to give up this year.
Red meat? So three years ago.
Soda? Barely partake in that. 
Twitter and Instagram? Already checked those.

And then it came to me. Instead of taking away something that I stand a greater chance of going back to once this all has ended, why not add on something that I can take with me beyond my Lent challenge? I've decided that this year I want to challenge myself to pay more attention to where my mind wanders, to speak more on my blessings than my downfalls, and to praise even in my misfallings because I know that therein lies growth. I also plan to develop and stick to a daily exercise regimen.

Adding positive habits to my life will not only be a refreshing challenge, which is a big part of this, but it will also help me to take steps toward becoming the person that I ultimately want to be. I pray that like last year, the results will be lasting and I know that with the right mindstate and sticking to my plan, they will.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Brave face,
Still human.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Mood Ring

mood ring

Snow Day #10,293

More snow! Joy.

Phone off.
Me time.
And revisiting this awesome web series, 

free will


the light at the other end of the tunnel is blinding
so much easier to go back the way I came
walking toward the unknown
vision impaired
but it feels so natural,
so right
how can I look away
from such a beautiful light
how can I stray
luring me in with her warmth
a chill on my back
I glance over my shoulder
so many layers to be shed
should I forge ahead

and still,

shari renee

Sunday, March 2, 2014

When it's late at night
and I need to wind down,

this song puts me at ease.

Sunday Funday.

MAC Flat out Fabulous

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Musings: March 1, 2014

It's important to feel everything.
Every emotion, be it happy or sad.. and to remember what brought you  to that place. It's vital to feel everything because it reminds us that we're alive...
A new month can have all of the significance of a new year if you want it to.

 I have many goals for March, the main one being to dedicate myself to trying a new activity, restaurant, recipe -  something - new every week. It may not seem like much, but making a conscious effort to go out and try something new - whether it be a tango lesson or jumping out of a plane - will open you up to a whole new world of experiences that you may otherwise be too comfortable in your day to day routine to go out and experience.

There's no doubt in my mind that my "something new" will turn into multiple things as the weeks go on. I challenge you to join me, and as expected, I'll be updating the blog as I go.

Happy Weekend!


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