Sunday, November 17, 2013

Circle of Influence (things you can affect directly) vs. Circle of Concern (things you care about) 

This was one of my favorite takeaways from the course ( 7 Habits of Highly Effective People ). To put it simply it's the concept of reframing your thinking to focus on the things that you can influence/ control, thereby expanding experience, knowledge and building trustworthiness in yourself. This causes the Circle of Influence to grow. 

Some examples would be: your happiness, your choices, the people you allow in your space, how you respond to the way people treat you, the time you choose to leave your house when there is a deadline/ your route taken.

When people use their time and energy to focus on the Circle of Concern, or areas in life that are ultimately uncontrollable their circle of influence shrinks. 

Some examples would be: a delayed flight, how others treat you, your upbringing, traffic, job security and other peoples weaknesses.

It can also be described as Proactive vs. Reactive focus.

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