Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sorry for the long departure. I needed a break from all things internet, just to clear my mind and get my life together.. but I'm back. Expect a flood of new posts in the coming days. In the meantime, I got a little camera happy (as I tend to on the weekends) and took a million pictures in my new cover up. I plan to hit the beach as much as possible this summer.

( SIDENOTE: ...After the Rain ;) )

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Foreign Exchange 'Aunthenticity' tour
MoFauzy's, Richmond, VA


On the way to the venue..
.. and after, we took a stroll along the canal

Friday, May 20, 2011

  1. Bonfires as the sun goes down
  2. Attend a wine festival
  3. Carry my (hopefully new SLR) camera everywhere!
  4. Visit my love @SincereCeleste on the other end of the U.S.
  5. Recapture my youth at a waterpark
  6. Attend as many outdoor concerts as possible
  7. Transform into a "Yes man" a la Jim Carrey for an entire week, and see where it takes me
  8. Go to a cool indie concert/ festival - complete with face paint
  9. Find a drive in movie
  10. Meet new interesting people
  11. Carve my initials in a tree :)
  12. Sneak into a pool and have a late night swim
  13. Drive to a random city and vintage shop
  14. Visit a state that I've never been
  15. Go to a carnival and get every color cotton candy
  16. Central Park
  17. Read my poetry at an open mic where I know no one
  18. Attend an all white to make up for the ones I missed during my college years
  19. Tie dye something
  20. Go camping, even if it is just in the backyard.
  21. Ride a mechanical bull, all sexy like
  22. See a waterfall
  23. Learn to play a song on my guitar
  24. Scrapbook it all!
  25. Befriend a photographer and become his muse (lol)
  26. Carry sidewalk chalk around for a whole day and make my presence known everywhere I go
  27. Wear red, white and blue on the fourth of July, like what?!
  28. Learn a new recipe
  29. Have a picnic at the park - full with crabs and the other essentials
  30. Get in the car and just go
  31. Be asked to appear on someone's street fashion blog
  32. Step  Leap out of my comfort zone!
  33. Yacht party
  34. Start planning the independent release of my poetry book
  35. Hot air balloon!
  36. See a black and white film in the theatre
.. to be continued

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Excuse me as I play this song out.

"Who are YOU with?"
tried something new with my hair.
stop letting pride rule you
go ahead, keep thinking the grass is greener
smile more
.. and take things less personal
remember that every human is flawed
wait for someone else to come along to step your game up and it will be too late
keep it up
reinvent yourself, over and over again
take time to celebrate the small victories in life
don't overexert yourself
capture the moments
closure is vital !
take your relationships for what they are, not what you wish them to be
.. and don't be afraid to let go

( SIDENOTE: It will take a miracle.. )
"Before I Die" is the latest project by the amazing Candy Chang. In this work she turned an abandoned warehouse in Nola, New Orleans into a public chalkboard and challenged the public to write down their ambitions for the world to see. Genius.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Monday, May 16, 2011

present day.

( SIDENOTE: I am in l o v e with the Quadron song posted below. )
I wish I would've met you first
before all the hurt,
the betrayal,
the lies,
before you built a wall
20 feet high,
before the distrust took over your mind
and left your heart with an abandonment sign,
before your respect for women declined
and the words bitch and whore were reassigned
causing a decline
in thine,
a lashing out to those most invested
loyalties tested
faith rested

composed 2011
©sharirenee 2011
All rights reserved

Thursday, May 12, 2011

I came across this on SewingStardom's blog. Love.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Foreign Exchange is coming to Richmond on the 22nd on their Authenticity tour and I couldn't be more excited!
Below are some of my favorite tracks on the album that I can't wait to hear played live!

If you're in the area, or just want to come out to enjoy good music, tickets are available here.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Let happiness find you.

New day, a new way.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

feel good.
For a long time I walked around so blind to so many things; I no longer feel like that naive little girl. No longer am I wearing those coveted 'rose colored' glasses. Now more than ever I'm able to see things and people for who they are. No longer do I feel like I must hold on to people for who I think, or want them to be, because frankly those days may never come. I've learned to take people for who they portray themselves to be.

I also no longer want to push others away. I've found that I've grown apart from a lot of people that I used to be close to and I miss that closeness. It's a rare thing to find people who truly care about you and your well-being - genuinely. Hold on to them.

But on a lighter note, I feel just that... light. It feels good to let go of any pain or resentment, stress, or any other thing that may or may not be holding you back. Even if you push it to the back of your mind it's still going to be there weighing on you until it is dealt with.

I was so afraid to hurt another. I got caught up with putting other peoples feelings before my own. Pushing my feelings and intuition aside and making excuses for people because I always wanted to see the good in them. I thought that maybe because I could see it, that it was truly there... buried beneath the layers. I struggled with letting go of certain situations - to me it felt like giving up - no matter how much I knew it wasn't right for me. Those days are behind me now.

Closure is so important because without it there's always that resounding feeling of 'what if'?

Spring has brought on the desire to spring clean my life along with my closet. It is the perfect excuse and/or opportunity for a fresh start. I've seen first hand how unattractive holding on to the past can be, and because of this it's become easier for me to let go - past loves, hurt, flings, feelings, betrayals and whatever else. These things are in the past for a reason and as long as we hold on to it that is where we'll stay, and I refuse to be stuck in my past when there's so much more in store for me in the future.
That is all.

 ( Excuse this post for it is without direction, but I wanted to get everything out. )

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Every time I come across a new fashion website I can't help but to think why the hell didn't I know about this sooner?! Today is no different. Unfortunately I'm being very selfish with revealing my latest find.
But check back later.... I may have a change of heart.

SIDENOTE: I'm so ready for all the Summer collections to drop it's ridiculous! Give me the clothes - hold the heat )

Sunday, May 1, 2011



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