Monday, March 10, 2014

This Love Isn't Convenient

This love isn't convenient.
I'm not going to love you because it's my birthday
when there's a holiday around the corner
or because you're pulling away.

This love is not selfish
or immature.
I'm not going to fill you with false hope when I know that this door is too heavy to hold open any longer.
And I'm not going to love you to prove anything to anyone.
This love is not for show.

This love is consistent
and unwavering.
And will be here through good times and bad.
I'll love you through the random texts and calls from my ex
because I know that if I wanted to be there
I wouldn't be here.
With you.
This love does not wane in the presence of my past.

This love is not opportunistic or shallow.
This love is honest.
Tried and
This love is Me.
This love
.. Is Love.

And it's all for you.

shari renee

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