Thursday, March 20, 2014

Roses Are Red x International Day of Happiness

I grew up with a father who always had fresh flowers waiting for me when I would visit. I didn't know just how lucky I was then, (I didn't realize that this wasn't the "norm," because for me, growing up, it was) but I was blessed with such an amazing, doting man that set my standards high in regard to how I'd look at a man and how I'd allow myself to be treated.
 Since, flowers have had a very special meaning to me. They take me back to those days as a little girl and the sense of joy when I'd open my bedroom door and see a beautiful bouquet staring back at me; a feeling of being thought of and valued, and most of all knowing that my happiness mattered to someone other than myself.
I chose to capture this picture at my local grocery
and share my brief story in honor of International Day of Happiness!
What makes you happy? 
( SIDE NOTE: Beyond your wildest dreams... I'm trying to go there. )

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