Thursday, March 13, 2014

Self Awareness Practice: Drafting Your Personal Mission Statement

  The "Habits of Highly Effective People" course had many life changing lessons and tips on how to change your thinking to produce a better and more effective life for yourself. I find myself revisiting my handbook often to keep myself motivated and on the right course. A take away that I hadn't yet shared with you all is "Drafting Your Personal Mission Statement." An exercise from Habit 2, the concept of 'Beginning With the End in Mind', or envisioning outcomes before action. 

A Personal Mission Statement is meant to:
Clarify what's important to you
Provide focus
Help design your life instead of having it designed for you
Guide your day to day decisions
Give you a greater sense of meaning and purpose

Below is the result of writing for five minutes without stopping; the Personal Mission Statement that I came up with back in October while enrolled in the course:

"I want to be remembered. A hero even if it's a personal one. I want people to be happy when they think of me. To be motivated. To smile. To feel like they can reach their goals/ dreams because of the life I lead. I want to paint write fall in love travel have a beautiful family. I want to feel free completely and know that I did it right. I did it my way. Life is beautiful and I want to go to bed every night feeling that way rich vibrant colors living in a different country eat foods full of culture that tell a story. Boats planes mountains animals trees trains oceans sunsets discover create beauty inspire write a book share my thoughts with the world and even if they only reach one person I want them to reach that person. Find the most passionate of all loves and renew it everyday."

It's a very eye-opening thing to be asked how you want to be remembered. Once you decide what you want your legacy to be it will have a strong impact on how you begin to live your day to day life. You will begin to live with that "end result" in mind.

Pick up the book here:

( SIDE NOTE: Personal Mission Statements can and will change as you grow through life. I plan to continue to add to mine until it perfectly reflects who I am/ want to be. )

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