Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Musings x 3/18/2014

riding horses on the beach in Jamaica was one of the top ten most memorable moments in my life
I'm very big on self-help, self-discovery and typing things into google.
craving, day trips to museums and art galleries
… and my love is patient and kind and shit
we forget how vast the world is and allow our immediate surroundings to control our happiness far too often.
I enjoy deeper connections
sapiosexual stimulation
first time hot air balloon rides
one can only operate on the same level for so long.. elevate
be kinder to self.
currently studying and implementing feng shui principles
people who believe in a lack, lose
believe in abundance, doors open up to you

( SIDE NOTE: I think I'd like to go on a cherry blossom dinner cruise this year. Below: Last year's blooms, captured in my front yard. )

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