Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I woke up this morning to a barrage of posts about today being the first day of Lent (March 5th- April 17th). Already?! After so much thought and preparation went into last years trying (albeit, successful) sacrifice, it's a wonder that I let today slip my mind. I spent my drive in to work scrambling to find something to give up this year.
Red meat? So three years ago.
Soda? Barely partake in that. 
Twitter and Instagram? Already checked those.

And then it came to me. Instead of taking away something that I stand a greater chance of going back to once this all has ended, why not add on something that I can take with me beyond my Lent challenge? I've decided that this year I want to challenge myself to pay more attention to where my mind wanders, to speak more on my blessings than my downfalls, and to praise even in my misfallings because I know that therein lies growth. I also plan to develop and stick to a daily exercise regimen.

Adding positive habits to my life will not only be a refreshing challenge, which is a big part of this, but it will also help me to take steps toward becoming the person that I ultimately want to be. I pray that like last year, the results will be lasting and I know that with the right mindstate and sticking to my plan, they will.

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