Thursday, June 17, 2010

"It seems easier to live with routine of hurt, misery and baggage than to take a chance and release it."

"I walked around for years with the guilt and hurt of what happen to me, misery and negativity were so common in my life that I almost expected the worst out of every situation. Regardless of our circumstances, EVERYONE deserves a fresh start, a change in what we are used to. When I cut my hair, I took a chance at living a new life by releasing the one thing that I loved and was afraid to let go of. When I speak to survivors from DDG I always make reference to how the attachment to my long hair held me captivate for years. I want them to feel encouraged to know that until they let go of their baggage they can’t free of their past. I encourage everyone to step out and take a chance in embracing their unknown. I believe it is a vital step in any women’s developing a sense of pride and confidence they need to feel whole outside of the traditional perceptions of beauty. This is something that every woman at some point in their life should experience."
-ANTM Bre Scullark; ambassador of Drop Dead Gorgeous social justice organization


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