Monday, March 21, 2011

Sometimes I wonder
memories of you go asunder
what if we could change that one little thing
would good thoughts manifest
when they mention your name?

instead all that remains is the bad times that we led
tossing back ridicule,
holding it over my head
laughter turned to silence
silence to tears
and then the tears dried up
we've danced this dance before

I pulled myself away from you
because my feet were getting sore

and now I sit and ponder
to myself aloud
of the days we did the friendship thing
how it used to be

you, and me

combining our names like the 'Brangelinas'
because when you saw one, you saw two

me and you

now we're through
another distant memory tucked away
which has already begun to fade
presence staid

on to a new day.

©ShariRenee 2011
All rights reserved

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