Friday, December 30, 2011


I laughed, cried and everything in between.
my heart reached it's breaking point.
I found strength in myself that I didn't know was there.
I got a promotion.
I attended nearly every concert I set out to attend.
(the foreign exchange, rock the bells, etc.)
was the most vulnerable I've ever been.
reunited with my best friend after three long, long years.
gave my heart control in situations where I should've listened to my mind.
dyed my hair.
neglected my blog.
overwhelmed myself by over-thinking.. everything.
became more aware of my finances.
started to get back to ME.

a resolve or determination.the act of resolving | determining upon an action or course of action.
firmness of purpose.
The only thing I resolve to do this year is get back to me.
2012 is my year to be selfish.

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