Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The release of the much anticipated single, "QUEEN," Janelle Monae x Erykah Badu (!!!). A new year of life, and the Jamaica trip to celebrate it.

This stage in my life. So much around me is changing and it's just like a mass of uncertainty, anxiousness, excitement and possibility is hovering on me. There's nothing like change to come along and completely shake up complacent living. I'm all about it. All things ankara, ikat and geo.

Longevity, Something real. You to know. To transition to "clean living" (diet, beauty regimen, etc.) To do a better job of crossing things off of my bucketlist this spring/ summer. To add at least $5,000 to my savings by the end of the year.

More time with my thoughts.. a busy lifestyle will have you running from them so much so, that when you do finally have that rare moment to yourself they overwhelmingly come rushing in. A stimulating conversation.

Obsessing over:
My new found love for my 'natural'.. so laid back and easy. Pastel hued mani/ pedis. Redecorating my new living space; I'm taking the morrocan theme seriously. I'll post pics as it comes together. The what if's.

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