Wednesday, June 19, 2013

summer bucket list pt. 1
  1. picnic on the beach
  2. wax hand dipping
  3. hot air balloon ride
  4. stay curly all summer and maintain length
  5. third tattoo
  6. implement yoga routine into life
  7. TRIBE party
  8. visit baltimore aquarium
  9. road trip to philly to do artsy shit
  10. recapture youth at a waterpark
  11. get stopped by a street fashion photographer
  12. have TRIBE tee's delivered to at least 3 new states
  13. go to a carnival and get every color cotton candy
  14. recreate a childhood photo
  15. slip n' slide
  16. "win" something
  17. see a black and white film in the theatre
  18. become an organic vegan for a week
  19. order dessert first
  20. ride a mechanical bull
  21. wine festival
  22. read my poetry at an open mic
  23. print all pics on memory card(s)

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