Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Six Mistakes I've Made This Year and Lessons I've Learned From Them

Inspired by Rob Hill Sr

  1. I became a puppet. I depended on others to define my emotions and provide my happiness.. so I cut the strings, and took time to myself to rediscover what I wanted and what I loved. In turn I have a better handle over bringing myself personal joy instead of relying on another and it feels great!
  2. I learned that it's not all about me. Once you realize that everyone that you come into contact with on a daily basis has their own story.. their own demons that they're dealing with.. their own reasons for being the way they are.. you'll learn to take things less personal. Once you learn to take things less personal you'll notice a lot less things getting to you.
  3. I tried to replace old feelings with new ones aka rebound... Big mistake! I learned that you have to allow yourself to feel everything, good and bad, and in time you'll be ready to get back in the ring again, but not before you face your feelings and work on yourself.
  4. I gave blood, sweat and tears to a cause I didn't believe in. Learning to refocus my free time to causes I believe in. You can't be a slave to your 'day job.' 
  5. I ASSUMED PEOPLE CARED MORE THAN THEY DID. Whoo, did he say a mouthful with this one! (stolen from Rob Hill Sr's instagram post) Actions speak louder than words, and unfortunately genuine people are very hard to find these days. If you give them time, people will show you who they truly are. This goes into the next one, and probably the most important..
  6. Take your time! I tried to rush certain aspects of my life and it only ended up complicating things in the long run. I learned to take the time to learn people, to learn what it is that you truly want out of life, and returned to the "everything in due time" mindset. Trying to force things to fit as you think they should based on your age, or ideals that you'd want for your life in this very moment is the quickest way to drive yourself crazy. What is meant to be will be. Try to hold on to that.  

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