Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Frierson Wedding x Love Epiphanies

This past weekend brought me back to Norfolk for my sorority sister Tiffany's wedding. It felt good to be surrounded by so much love - not only between the bride and the groom, but for them by the people in attendance. It's beautiful to find your soul mate in someone.
The ceremony was filled with emotion and it really served as a reminder that we are growing up! The commitments expressed in the vows were so real, and it kind of makes the whole 'going through the motions' of dating thing seem trivial. In discussions with my sisters post-ceremony we all agreed (for the most part) that we are nowhere near ready to be married at this age. However, there is no time to be wasted on anyone who isn't serious about moving on to that next stage in life. Don't get me wrong... these are the fun years, and people go into dating for all types of different reasons depending on where they are in their life at the moment. We are still discovering ourselves and laying out the foundation for who/ where we want to be later in life.. and there's nothing wrong with that. Contrary to popular belief, I feel that having someone by your side as you grow into the man/ woman that you want to be is a beautiful thing. The idea that you can do it on your own... but you don't have to. I'm rambling, but with that said "situationships," flings and rebounds at this age just feel childish and there's no room for anyone bringing that type of temporariness to the table. 
Date people, feel them out and if it feels wrong - move on! Don't waste your time trying to make it "feel" right; and most of all, always be honest and upfront in your intentions.
Have a Great Day all! :)


  1. Normally wedding appetizers are mediocre and forgettable. We had people talking about our food even weeks after the wedding. Though the wedding reception place is beautiful. You can bring in any type of furniture or use their traditional round tables.

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