Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Updated: '40(ish) Days of Curls' Product Overhaul

I've been saying I was going to do an updated product overhaul for a while now. My last one was almost two years ago (horrible, I know). Now that I'm well into my natural hair journey I pay much closer attention to what I choose to use in my hair, and I'm even more selective because my hair is color treated (alcohol is a no no). These products have worked wonders on trying to maintain my hair's health as well as regaining length that was lost in my transition. (I use the word transition lightly because I've always been natural.. I use it to refer to the time when I stopped heat abusing my hair every two weeks and switched to wearing my curls first time.) I arranged the products in the order that I use them, and the coconut oil can be used as both a pre-poo and to seal ends.

From l to r:

LouAna 100% Pure Coconut Oil

Inspire the Tribe.

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