Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Musings: 9/15/2015

So I tried something new today, and instead of rolling over first thing in the morning and checking my phone, I prayed. I had a conversation with myself about how I wanted my day to go and set my intention. I made it a point to (and I prepared for this by turning message and phone notifications off the night before) start the day without any interruptions, without checking for texts/ missed calls/ social media mentions/ updates... basically without input from anyone other than myself and God.

I took the time to set the tone/ vibe for the day and gave it time to stick. I used the time from when I first woke up until I had been settled at my desk for half an hour to truly center myself before I was able to be reached by the outside world... and it made a world of difference. I feel more focused, and most of all I feel in control of my mood. I'm going to attempt to implement this new behavior into my daily routine for a week and see how I feel. We spend so much of our day interacting with others, and reclaiming my mornings feels so liberating. The text messages, calls and social media updates aren't going anywhere... get back to YOU, the world can wait.

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