Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Musings: 12/15/2015

so - I'm on cloud 9,
been sitting here for some time

have a new job. after five years of the same. 

learning to give things time
and watch them bloom... 
- overestimations of the group- it's power and morality
- close- mindedness
- pressures toward uniformity

too much of this going around.

stuck between being in the 'now' and totally obsessing over my future
currently: cheating on my love of painting with a new found love of digital art
( loving this new wacom tablet, l o v i n g! )
I miss "All That"
we'll probably never have a sketch show like that again... the world has lost it's sense of humor and replaced it with acute sensitivity.

Travis Scott released merchandise for 72 hours. Get it while it's hot! ... these bombers though?!

( SIDE NOTE: I've been invited to a fancy holiday party this weekend.. it's about time! *dusts off closet* )

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