Sunday, January 24, 2016

Musings: 1/24/2016

so, Winter storm Jonas has hit
been snowed in since Friday
not as restless as you'd think
I've been using the time as a much needed creative release
and trying to catch up on blogging

invest in your craft
dedicate time to it
continue to work even when the inspiration is low

I have some really dope friends
it just hit me
(sorry guys lol)
many collabs soon come.

my new job's going great

my goal list for the year is growing
there's something to be said about getting your goals out of your head and onto paper. 
It is the first, extremely vital step toward making said goal happen. 
here are a few of mine.

network more 
find ways to monetize passion
two major solo art shows by year's end
blog at least twice a week
travel abroad
and my defining word for the year is ABUNDANCE

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