Friday, December 9, 2016

Musings: 12/9/16

the end of 2016 is steadily approaching and I've never felt more ready for a new year to begin.
unlike many who've complained of 2016 being a horror year for them,
it has treated me extremely well!
I've made a lot of strides as an artist
gained balance in my personal life
taken chances whether they succeeded or not
and learned a ton about myself and others

I have a few art shows locked in for the beginning of the year that I'm currently creating for.
excited to see what's in store

I also have a surprise for my February show. February 23rd to be exact.
I will be selling tickets via this link, and I will offer a special discount for all who purchase through the link, as well as a special giveaway raffle. You MUST purchase through the link to be eligible. 

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