Friday, February 10, 2017

Repost: Dime Of Pearl x Black History In The Making Photoshoot

Happy Black History Month!
As we enter in the month of February most people observe Presidents Day, Black History and Valentine’s Day. This is not just a one month celebration. This is a lifetime of honoring a commitment; therefore, DimeofPearL (DOP) wants to acknowledge that this is the year to change this tradition. Black people must celebrate black people every single day of the year. While we love to continue spreading the magnificence of our ancestors and being aware of our history, it’s time to live in the moment in because black history is still being made today. DOP would like to launch a movement that demonstrates how black history is still being made every day. 
“Black History in the Making” would like to capture the history in the making; by coming together and sharing our lives. DOP has arranged photo shoots at select locations in the DMV which are listed below. We ask that in participation for the photo shoots that you wear ALL BLACK and/ or a shirt or hoodie that symbolizes black power. If you have attended any past walks or marches and have collected signs or posters, please bring as many as you can. DOP would love to have as much representation as possible to make “Black History in the Making” a local and national movement.
Saturday- February 11th  (Outside) the Hubert H. Humphrey Building
Corner of 3rd and Independence Ave  Washington, DC 20204
Sunday- February 12th  Kennedy Center (Roof Top)
2700 F St NW, Washington, DC 20566

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