Thursday, October 18, 2018

Inspire the TRIBE Upcoming Shows x Fall 2018

Hosted by @CrookOnCanvas

""ARTscape is an outdoor art installation showcasing over 25+ artists from then DMV. Not only do I appreciate their dope work, but I also appreciate their work ethic and character. ARTscape is a way for me to show my appreciation to all of these artists at once, in one location. It will be a place where we are able to come together, admire each other’s craft and introduce the public to “ARTSCAPE." A look into our world so to speak.  ARTSCAPE is a place that gives our community an opportunity to become familiar with local artists and hopefully provide the opportunity to become collectors. Come out and hang with us &and enjoy an assortment of local vendors, dope brands featuring the city’s youngest fashion designers, and great food choices and appetizing cuisines from small vegan dishes to infused desserts!"

Free Pancakes. Booze. Art. Music.

#tbt to my last pancakes and booze show

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