Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Here For A Good Time, Not A Long Time: New York x 3/17/19

I love how easy it is to take a quick trip to New York on a whim. It's become my new favorite playground. There's always something to explore. Hannah and I had a rare Sunday that we (she) were both off and decided to check out the Frida Kahlo exhibit before it left the Brooklyn Museum. Our original plan was to visit the black and white exhibit at Cadillac House but it was closed for the day -- bummer. The weather held it together for us and we were able to have a fun-filled day that consisted of a quick stop by HRY, the Frida exhibit and a delicious bite at cajun restaurant Catfish in Brooklyn. I can't wait for summer.

( SIDE NOTE: Join me at Pancakes and Booze, April 11th for their 10 Year Anniversary show. New location, The Howard Theatre.)

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