Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Musings: 10/28/2020

 I remember when I first started this blog...

I kept it to myself

for years.

I used it as an outlet,

a space to post things that interested and inspired me.

a place to yell out into the darkness if you will,

unsure and unbothered by if anyone was to hear. 

I felt that if someone stumbled upon my little slice of the internet it was for a reason 

something brought them here and I was okay with that.

It felt intimate, although I was posting freely onto the world wide web.

I only mentioned it to a select few that knew me.

I feel over the years I have lost the excitement to post

possibly due to life's happenings

living, loving

falling in and falling out

losing interest, regaining and losing it again

I also think that I started to think too much into things

my musings became fewer 

people would question posts

or mention that they checked out my blog

which always felt a little weird 

because I don't always like to feel seen.

it can feel like having someone read your journal and then pick apart the entries

but anyway

I say all of that to say


I miss writing.

I miss releasing and posting fun things and not overthinking it so much

so here's to more of the former and less of the latter.

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