Saturday, November 20, 2021

A Whole New World

 it's been a while since I've written musings on here

life has gotten so busy

I'm still riding a high of participating in Washington DC's 10th Annual Art All Night Festival and completing my very first mural for the Xtra Selfie Museum in Pentagon City mall - both of which have been on my bucket list for years now. 

I'm extremely proud to have crossed two items off back to back

it's so surreal how you can compile a list that sits for years and years, and within a matter of weeks start knocking away at it. it's an amazing feeling. and one that I hope I'm able to rediscover again and again.

it's important that we extend ourselves grace. this is your daily reminder. 

I want more for myself 

and the only way to truly attain that is to get it for myself.

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