Sunday, November 11, 2012

Came across this 30 thing's every girl should try before 30 list via Femmes with Benefits. I love it, and I must say for a young twenty-something I'm not doing too bad!

 View the list with my many cross-outs after the jump.

1 | Have a full spa day by yourself and get the works -- a massage, a mani, a pedi, and a facial.
2 | Move to a new city even if it's only for a short period of time. Getting exposed to a new town will help you build character and will introduce you to a side of yourself that you have never met before.
3 | Take a vacation out of the country with the girls! Spend a year planning, leave all the madness behind, and go to an island for some fun in the sun! And don't forget, whatever happens on the island stays on the island! Be wild and free but remember that the trip isn't only about you! Everyone should have a great time so be sure to drink responsibly!
4 | Dye your hair a new color! Even if it's something subtle like a brown or a red, try a new color on your tresses and see how you like your new look! The 20's are all about experimenting, so be a chemist and mix those hair chemicals!
5 | Do the unexpected! Do what you said you always wouldn't... like sky diving or facing your phobia! Hold a roach, pet a mouse, scratch a chalkboard.... Eek!
6 | Write the enemy! When turning a new chapter in your life, let bye gones be bye gones and so ons be so ons. Write something short and sweet to the person/people you had unresolved issues with and let them know that you are closing that chapter of your life and moving forward. It could even be something as simple as an "I'm sorry" or "I have no ill feelings towards you and I wish you the best".
7 | Get your sexy on & cook in heels! Consider this a test run for the one day you will surprise your future husband! Being sexy is all about being confident! So master your confidence.
8 | Go on a blind date that your friends set up with no back up plan to run away! Have a little fun and give a random "him" a shot! Then schedule a night at one of the girls places to discuss it over glasses of wine!
9 | Sign up to be on a game show! You have nothing to lose! Be spontaneous and fun and just sign up! Hey you may not even get chosen! But if you do, you'll have a story to tell for years to come!
10 | Take a pole dancing class! Get down and dirty and work that pole! Enjoy yourself by unleashing your alterSHEgo! No shame in your game, "drop it to the floor, baby make that -- clap"!
11 | Pay off all of your debt! You owed your sister $12 since you guys were 12 so pay her back and leave a funny note attached to it! Go into your thirties debt free even if that means paying off your small debts!
12 | Date outside of your race! You never know unless you try, so why not give it a try or two and see whether or not you like it? Who said once you go black you never go back?
13 | Upload a video on Facebook that shows you being your TRUE self! Act goofy, do a weird dance, laugh at stupid things --- BE YOU! There is a lot of freedom that comes with taking off that mask we hide behind on social networks!
14 | Get a Brazilian Wax. Get every corner and crease of your Queendom touched by some hot wax and walk it out like a baby fresh out of the womb! Don't knock it until you try it, the new you deserves it's chance to experience the rebirth!
15 | Join a cast! Find a play that is taking place in your city and audition to be a part of it! Being in a play is truly a learning experience and a great way to build relationships and meet new people!
16 | Buy a luxury item! Splurge, you deserve it! Spend a year saving and then treat yourself to a pair of Jimmy's or a hard sparkly diamond! Why wait for him to do it for you when you can do it for you!
17 | Enjoy a night of Karaoke! Go out with a group of friends, drink a few drinks, and get your Beyonce on! And if he likes it, he may just put a ring on it!
18 | Volunteer at a shelter. Humble thyself and feed the homeless or help out at a place like the Ronald McDonald House, a home for kids with terminal illnesses!
19 | Pay for the person to follow! Either pay an extra dollar in toll for the car behind you or give an extra $5 in the drive through for the car behind you! Do a good deed for a stranger and watch it come back to you in the future.
20 | Give your secret passion a try! Always been passionate about dance, photography, baking, or modeling? Give it a try for a solid month and see what you can achieve from it!
21 | Ride his yacht. Throw on a brand new bikini, oil up, 'fierce' up your hair, put on some glamorous sunglasses, and take a ride on a yacht.
22 | Ride in a luxury car! Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley -- find a way to get in one, even if it's parked (lol).
23 | Go to a festival or big event! Mardi Gras, Fashion Night Out, Coachella, Essence Music Festival, Fashion Week, an awards show -- whatever it is, attend one! Take tons of pictures and go with every intention to have a good time! There's nothing fun about going and acting stuck up and talking about everyone else who's enjoying themselves. The people who have the most fun are the ones who dress for the occasion and enjoy the festivities of the event!
24 | Go on an Anti-Diet! Spend a week, on an anti-diet. Eat everything you're not supposed to and drink tons of sodas and juices! Treat yourself to junk and fast food and forget the word "weight".
25 | Vow to always tell the truth! Pick a day to stop lying! And try to tell the truth from that day forward. Freeing your conscience takes about 876512387481 pounds off your shoulders and allows you to focus on things that really matter.
26 | Assemble furniture! Buy something that needs to be put together and do it yourself! Turn up your music, pull your hair up into a bun, and challenge yourself with the instructions.
27 | Buy him a drink! See a cute guy at the bar? Buy him a drink! Want it? Get It!
28 | Go camping, snorkeling, rock climbing, or skiing. Switch up your usual environment and learn how to survive somewhere new! Gain an admiration for a place you never have been and expand your horizons!
29 | Throw an occassionless party! Throw a party for no reason at all. Allow for your friends to mix and mingle and have something unique about the party that will make people actually WANT to come! Toga Party? Bikini Party? All White Party? Speed Date Party? Food, Drinks, Music, Beautiful Women, Fine Men... Let the festivities begin!
30 | Go nude! Go to a nude beach and leave your cares behind! And for my shy gals, keep on your bottoms and go topless! Bare all this summer and let sun touch your soul. ;]

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