Thursday, November 1, 2012

my cousin and I
used the holiday to experiment with a 'rockabilly' pin up look
after doing some research on the hair and make-up I decided to attempt the pin up bang
so easy - it only took one try.
my pin up hair:
created a diy hair 'rat' out of a mesh hair bun that I found at h&m
( but I'm sure you can find one at any regular beauty supply store )
cut it in half and roll your hair over and up, as if it's a hair roller, until it looks like a "bang"
secure in place with bobbie pins and smooth
the curls were achieved with a curling wand and flexi's over night
( I find this keeps the curls from falling so quickly and makes them more defined )
the scarf was a last minute thought
I loved the outcome.
what do you think?

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