Friday, December 20, 2013

I don't know why it took me so long to start venturing out into the local art scene that DC has to offer. It seems like we always feel like other cities have so much more to offer without even giving our hometown a chance. On Tuesday I checked out a new open mic spot, The Dunes DC, which is basically a tricked out art gallery. The feature poet was Angel Nafis, from Ann Arbor, Michigan, who was absolutely brilliant. I didn't get to record because I have completely run out of storage on my phone.. so I will link back to some of her work in a later post. I also had the pleasure to meet Pages, an extremly taleneted poet (pictured photobombing in the second to last photo), who swore that the next time he saw me he'd be sure to make me read one of my pieces lol. I guess I'll have to stay ready.

The Dunes DC hosts a poetry slam every Tuesday at 8pm.

( SIDE NOTE: I also noticed that I'm starting to recognize a lot of the same faces from poetry slams that I've been to prior. Does that mean I'm turning into a regular? )

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