Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Musings: 1/28/2014

If your surroundings don't reflect where you want to be in life, change them.
Don't rush anything. Not a thing.
Change your paradigm, change your life.
With our many resources one should never be bored. If you're bored it says a lot about you.
Go learn something.
I love grand over the top gestures.
But I've learned that they are better done in moderation.
You have to learn how to identify win/ win vs. win/ lose situations.
Your energy is undeniable. Harness it. Allow it to flourish.
I try to be more cognizant of the music I listen to these days.. It has a stronger effect on your thought process than you'd think.
Moderation; avoidance of extremes or excesses.
Dogs really are man's best friend.
Everyone deserves a day to themselves. Take the time to reconnect with you.
My body yearns for the beach. Open water. A light breeze.
Behavior studies.

( SIDE NOTE: Beer flavored jelly beans just in time for the Super Bowl. )

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