Friday, August 15, 2014

Musings: 8/15/2014

my way of viewing things has changed
people, blessings and lessons
everywhere I look, I see abundance.
I place value on the good people in my life
...more so than ever before
and I pay attention to the energies I feel in certain people's company
because if you spend enough time with them,
they will rub off on you
good or bad.
I started a new hobby.. which I love! :)
life outside of your comfort zone.
looking forward to more days spent with those vibes
you can always tell when someone was raised right
thank God (and good parents) for them
I like meeting people that are different than people I've met before..
try something new at least once a week
create memories with people who won't make you wish you could take them back
and don't stifle yourself for anyone,
If I could buy back the time I wasted in the past year, I would. One million percent.
doing the same thing will keep you in the same place
life is full of possibility, serendipity and all that jazz,
go with it
also, leave things better than you found them
invest in your tomorrow's
some people have to lose it all before they learn what appreciation is..
and some are forever stuck in their destructive ways
pray for them and move on,
or risk being brought down to their level
- misery loves company -
overseas travel in my near future
I want to see the world
I love learning people's different perspectives
so many different factors that contribute to making people the way that they are
f r e e   s p i r i t
inspiration is everywhere you look
you just have to be in the right state of mind to see it
new opportunities, new outlook, new season

welcome to the jungle.

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