Sunday, August 3, 2014

I Tend To Write ( And Think ) A Lot On Planes

The thing I love most about being on a plane is take off. Watching all of your problems - well everything really - become smaller and smaller beneath you. The worries of the world seem to fade away when you're thousands of miles above them. We become so caught up in ourselves and our every day stressors that we forget how vast the world really is; the aerial view from the plane is a great reminder. Any feelings of being alone whether it be in thought, interests, etc. seem challenged when there are billions of people beneath your feet, hustling and bustling in their every day lives.. having the same thoughts, vision clouded by their immediate surroundings. If only they could get to a plane..

Rakim said it best,
"What would you say as the Earth gets further and further away/
Planet as small as balls of clay/
Stray into the Milky Way, world's out of sight/
As far as the eye can see, not even a satellite."

Change your perspective, 
change your life.

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