Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Musings: 7/30/2014

today I leave for LA
six days away
surrounded by new vibes + no worries
the need to escape is real
and so is my desire to start anew in an unexplored location
nothing holds me here but family/ friends
associates I rarely see
and nostalgia
and while I love them more than life itself
it's time to spread my wings
I want to meet more people like me
I want to be around the real
love that gives no reason to question, ever
because it exists,
organically grown friendships
nice weather
kind souls
and high windows,
candy colored buildings 
art on the sidewalks
a career that allows me to sit on the airport floor, 
indian style, 
huddled next to an outlet blogging from my laptop 
as I am now.
somewhere just outside of a big city
my own little personal eat pray love

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