Monday, December 29, 2014

Interior Decor: Feng Shui, Balance x Crystal Healing

I finally got matching nightstands for my bedroom as an effort to improve the feng shui in my space. I always had one on the side of the bed I slept on, but I must admit it feels better having that balance on both sides. I have two red candles in the love sector of my room (and the side I sleep on), as well as my crystal collection, (which I've added to recently, as pictured below) homemade marble coasters and a hand painted incense holder. 

The other side has a Moroccan style lantern (as is the overall theme of my room), "lucky" bamboo trellis plant (8 stalks represent 'wealth and abundance' - also, bamboo isn't typically used in the bedroom, especially bedside because it represents growth and vibrancy which can go against the calm vibe of a bedroom. I chose to go against the grain.. maybe I'll move them one day, but for now it doesn't bother me), more crystals and a Ganesha statue, known to remove obstacles and represent new beginnings. 

New additions:
Agate - Achieve stability and balance
Pyrite - Block negative energies, protection, enhances emotional well-being and good health
Black Onyx - Absorbs and transforms negative energy, provides support during times of stress, confusion and grief
Amethyst - Changes negative into positive, brings tranquility
Rose Quartz - Known as the 'Love Stone,' Comforts and heals the heart
Hematite - Protective stone, Improves relationships, balance and peace
Blue Quartz - Uplifting, restores hope and happiness, aids in overcoming fear and reaching out to others

( SIDE NOTE: They say if you want something you must first make space for it. Currently.. )


  1. Your bamboo trellis is amazing! I love it! :)

  2. If you opt for the rose quartz or the Celestite crystal, these will help to harmonize love and marriage. Free Paladins Crystals



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