Monday, December 29, 2014

Musings: 12/29/2014

the saying, 'everything happens for a reason' helps me sleep better at night

"because everything that's meant to happen does.. eventually."
-American Beauty  
I'd like to be on a beach soon..
I've learned that avoidance solves nothing.. most times you have to deal with your problems head on
sold my first paintings on 12/24/2014
that makes me SO happy to say  :)
still no clue how I'm bringing in the new year... although I'd much rather focus on my state of mind vs. being at some big over the top, overly hyped location

jan 1 marks day one of my pescatarian journey (pray!)
they say the way you bring in the new year is an indication of how your year will play out..

a new vision board is long overdue

two days left.. let the countdown begin

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