Friday, July 24, 2015

Double Trouble - Uranus and Venus Retrograding Together!

"Uranus in retrograde is a time for huge transformation. The only thing holding us back from it will be our own ego and our own fear. This retrograde is an opportunity that shouldn’t be taken lightly and we mustn’t allow it to pass by due to our being too afraid to be shaken up.

It’s time to embrace all that we’ve been trying to hide from. To look very closely at who we are, what we want, who is around us and where we are heading. Uranus in retrograde gives us a firm kick in the butt to prevent us from settling into routines that feel too easy for us."

"As with Venus in retrograde, we will be digging up the past to encrypt and decode it and find some of the answers that have been eluding us. We will not be satisfied until our curiosity has been soothed and we have investigated, questioned, researched and done our homework on what and who has led us to where we are now. And why.
We know that we have repeated so many lessons time and again and there are many parts of our lives that we still do not seem to have fully learned from or completely understood.

We constantly ask ourselves, “Why are the same things being continuously brought to my attention.“

Not any more!"

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