Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Weekend Recap: X Men Inspired Fourth of July

Three day weekends call for hair color experimentation. 
For the 4th weekend I decided to revisit an old favorite - grey curls. It's so crazy to me that this color has become mainstream over the last year or so… it's so wrong, (who would've thought the hair color our mother's are trying so desperately to cover up would become vogue for the younger generation?) that it's right. It just works. 

Philadelphia treated me wonderfully, as usual. I fell asleep in a hammock (best sleep ever - in case you were wondering) under the stars and a flashing light adorned tree canopy. I saw The Roots, Miguel and surprise guest Cee- Lo live, followed by an amazing firework show. Enjoyed local eateries I can't find in DC (a must when traveling) and just really enjoyed myself overall.    

Inspire the Tribe.

( SIDE NOTE: I love when people send me pictures of my art on display in their homes. I'm still pinching myself that I was able to cross this goal off of my bucket list so quickly and in such a high volume. )

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