Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Musings x 4/23/2014

lost all the pictures on my phone... feels like a new start
I've been smiling a lot more lately
please don't shoot me down,
kill my vibe
or any other variation of attempting to break my spirit.
the foreign exchange - May 2, The Howard Theatre
just want to watch 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids' and relive my childhood
 all tie dye everything
set a strong foundation
...looking forward to it
when men refer to their significant other as their 'rib' >
doubt your doubts until they no longer exist
reciprocation is a rare, beautiful bird.
my mindset is evolving... shifting
realized that I have found something that scares me... reminded me that I am alive
the alchemist
If I can't have you the way I want you, I don't want you
thrive baby.
all we have is right now
new shipment is in!
my love for peaches is too real
"appear as you may wish to be" - Machiavelli
love to see loved ones progressing
positivity wins.

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