Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Spring Bucket List 2014

  1. "Win" something
  2. Have a picnic at the park - checkered blanket, picnic basket and all
  3. Go to a carnival and get every color cotton candy
  4. Scrapbook everything
  5. Recreate a childhood photo
  6. Visit Baltimore aquarium
  7. Wine Festival
  8. Print all pictures on memory card, and thereafter
  9. Third tattoo
  10. Order dessert first
  11. Romantic carriage ride
  12. Drive-in movie
  13. Hot air balloon
  14. Multiple dinner cruises
  15. National Harbor Ferris Wheel at sunset
  16. Road trip to Philly to go thrifting
  17. Become a vegan for a week
  18. Go to a cool indie festival - complete with face paint
  19. Take picture with a "character"
  20. Befriend a photographer and become his "muse"
  21. Sleep under the stars
  22. Visit a botanical garden
  23. Throw a theme party
  24. Ship TRIBE shirts to three new states
  25. Paintballing!
  26. Jump out of a plane
  27. Take a chance on love
  28. Road trip!
  29. Governors Ball/ Tupac Broadway play
  30. Start drum lessons
  31. Learn salsa/ tango
  32. Carry sidewalk chalk around for a whole day and channel my inner Banksy
  33. Sell one of my paintings
  34. Feature on a fashion/ hair blog
  35. Get my fortune read
  36. Save $1,000
  37. Weekend beach getaways
  38. Become a gym rat
  39. Trace ancestry
(to be continued...)

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