Thursday, April 3, 2014

Went to Church for the First Time, In A Long Time

I went to church last night for the first time in a long time. I want to share some of the message below (in the form of the notes I took) because it hit home for me, and may do the same for you.
"The Lord wants us to find his rhythm... means having to stop some things until they get right!"
"Some of us live in a constant frustration (in regards to wanting things to happen on our time)... pushing so hard to make 'it' happen. Life's not meant to be a constant stress and strain."
"The enemy finds ways to bind us to the concerns of the flesh/ this world/ man instead of the interests of God."
"The work of the enemy in our lives tries to keep us preoccupied with anything other than that which serves the Lord.'
*Made reference to bolas as a metaphor for the enemy's attempts at entangling us in his trap. Mentioned a trip to Africa where a hunter told the story of having to stop using bolas to capture animals in certain areas because the animals began to catch on to the trap. Bolas only worked if the animals were using forward motion... because in this motion the weapon would wrap around their feet and demobilize them. The animals eventually learned to stop moving when they saw the weapon coming, and it would fall off of them. They could in turn step out of the trap and go on about their way. All of that to say, sometimes we need to simply, "Stop and reset course."
Don't allow yourself to get so distracted by the small meaningless things in life that you overlook the bigger picture.
Don't rush God's timing.
"The Lord never tells us to speed up... he's often telling us to slow down."
His pacing,
His pattern,
His way.
The Lord's rhythm,
The Enemy's silence.

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