Thursday, June 19, 2014

Morning Discussions: Talks Of Explorations To Find Out If The Grass Is Greener ( ...It's Not )

Talks of Explorations To Find Out If The Grass Is Greener
( ...It's Not )

Crab Grass Cathy hasn't been watered all season, yet some can't help but to "find out for themselves.." lol. Eagerly hopping over the fence just to land feet first in the mud... and quickly (or sometimes, not so quickly) trying to hop back over the fence from which they came, realizing how good they had it... when they had it. But this time with their now muddied boots. What people fail to realize is that said fence gets higher and higher each time you fail to appreciate a good thing. We don't want your muddy-sticky-failed-attempts-of-a-mess tracked through our lawn. "Crab Grass Cathy's" come a dime a dozen. A nice well kept 'lawn' is hard to find. Don't you know someone will gladly move in, plant flowers and love on that land.
Fresh mower lines and all.

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