Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Morning Thoughts: Seat Fillers vs. The Invited

Seat fillers aren't invited.
They request a seat.
And to be honest no one really cares if they're there or not..
the camera never zooms in on a seat filler..
and to be honest, they are constantly being shifted around,
easily replaced by another seat filler.

Whereas The Invited have a seat reserved for them,
name and all.
The camera loves them,
constantly focused in on their every move.
Because they are important.
Their presence matters.
A Seat Filler can only fill The Invited's seat if The Invited chooses to abandon it,
and should they choose to return
the Seat Filler would fade back into the obscurity of
an 'unmarked' seat.

Don't be a seat filler trying to invite yourself to the show.
Go only where you are invited,
by name,
and anxiously anticipated to show. 

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