Monday, May 26, 2014

Thoughts On An Airplane Napkin, Revisited: Love, Happiness, Freedom - Trifecta

Love, Happiness, Freedom: Trifecta

in pursuit.

Love and freedom aren't as traditionally linked with the idea of "pursuit" as happiness. However, I find that in discussions with my peers and through self- reflection these three always seem to come up.

of self
reciprocated love of others

defining what it means and being true to self
accomplishments/ with where we are in life

to be proudly and unapologetically who we are
to live the life we dreamed for ourselves

In these discussions the 'what' is so clearly defined. It is in the 'how does one get there' that it all begins to become cloudy. There is such a demand for immediate results when we set our minds to something, especially in this generation, that we want to have it instantly. The sad (although not really if you think about it) truth of it is.. it often times doesn't work out that way. These three ideals are so closely linked that it almost seems that you can't have one without the other. We all want to be loved. Even the biggest cynic in the world can deny it until they're blue in the face, but without the love of self or the true reciprocated love of another our happiness suffers. And what is happiness without someone you love to share it with? How happy can one be if they feel trapped or cornered into not living or pursuing the life they envisioned for themselves?

While there is no set formula for achieving this "trifecta" and everyone's journey will be unique to them, I find that in my personal experience I've learned (and am still learning) to pursue the freedom aspect first. It is in pursuing freedom, going out and discovering the life that we want to lead, that we are being the truest to ourselves and thus will find happiness in that aspect alone. In finding happiness through doing the things you love you will in turn come across people with similar interests and values, and have a greater chance of finding a fulfilling love to share it all with.

- a few thoughts that I captured on a napkin while in flight a few months ago. 
when I fly my mind tends to wander. and again tonight.

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