Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bus Boys And Poets Open Mic Feat. Rudy Francisco 5/27/14

Last night I finally made my way back to Bus Boys and Poets (14th and V) to take in a night of open mic poetry. It was the first time I'd been back in months and immediately I remembered why I love this place so much. The feeling of being in such a close vicinity of such creatively talented people is overwhelmingly inspiring. My favorite is when the most unassuming looking people saunter onto the stage and kill it. Rudy Francisco was the featured poet of the night and he covered a range of topics far removed from the emo 'I love you/ I hate you' poetry that we so often see at these type of events. He is definitely worth googling/ scouring Youtube. Please try to ignore my giggling throughout the videos. I couldn't help myself. If you ever find yourself stumbling into Bus Boys and don't want to partake in an alcoholic beverage. Try the 'Big Daddy' with vanilla milk. It's amazing. I had two and was wired for the remainder of the night.

( SIDE NOTE: The last post isn't quite a poem.. more so a drunk man rambling, but entertaining nonetheless lol. "Follow Your Dreams!" )

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