Monday, May 12, 2014

Musings x 5/12/2014

I wish people were who they say they are
we have so much more control over our lives than we realize
nothing more than a 'choose your own ending' book
happy to know you're doing well
think I passed on my blessing years ago
want: cotton candy
living social happy hour cruises
hair growth regimen: pineapple up do's to prevent breakage
Vashtie vibes
change the way you look at things and the things you look at change
flowers in bloom
can't defend fiction.
I like to make people around me feel like they're on a hidden camera show.. lol
I deserve EVERYTHING good that comes my way.
let God bless you
Now playing: Superstar x Lauryn Hill
"come on baby light my fire, everything you drop is so tired"
want: sunflowers
I've dealt with a lot of unappreciative people in my life.. and to some I've probably been that person. But one thing I've learned along the way is we always come to regret the things we didn't appreciate. Whether it be immediate or years down the line.
I get to see Outkast in less than a month.. life complete
TRIBE traveled to a new state this week; Wisconsin!
I don't like being torn..
because that means that the good and the bad are too close to call
I don't need my ego stroked
what is ego anyway?
my friends keep me motivated
It'll never be different as long as you want more of the same
I'd like to catch the carnival the next time it's in town
we have a choice in who we deal with.. stop being a slave to your associations
ox blood in the spring
no fried foods!
dreams reveal things we don't even know are lingering because they are so deeply lodged in our subconscious
you don't have to 'relive' your childhood if you make it a point to keep the fun going.. never stop living
my prayers for you went unanswered
GOAL to not relive the same year/ story line again

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