Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Writing Prompt: How Do You Express Yourself?

I express myself
through the joy that spills out of me in a sing song voice
rather than words simply spoken
the slight dance in my seat when the food is too good to enjoy sitting still
through the sway of my hips as I walk up to him
smile on my lips
butterflies as I plant a kiss on his grin
through the shy glance that I give when everything's not alright
the sternness in my voice when a subject arises for which
I'd fight
the clothes on my back
every shade, cut and color
the style of my hair
influenced by none other
the weight on my shoulders when times are too tough to bare
through the inflection in my voice as excitement squeals out of me
as I sulk on the couch
and hide tears that I don't want the world to see
through the embrace that I give after too much time spent apart
the tighter I squeeze,
the dearer to my heart
I express myself
when I press pen to paper
capturing moments in time
with every line
after a long day
ordering vodka, no chaser
at the top of my lungs as I belt out my favorite tune
as I strut through the place like there is no one else in the room
I express myself through the color of my nails
through the battles that I choose
the markings on my body
that I will never lose
my expressions are dramatic
and at times rather subtle
my expressions are mine, no room for rebuttal

-shari renee

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